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We offer Dog Daycare & Boarding in Columbia! Dog Resort. ​Dog Boarding. Dog Daycare and Boarding. Dog Grooming . 


What's not to love? The establishment and staff are superb! Awesome place for your pooch to play and stay. Thank you Wagging Lounge Dog Resort!

meet itsy

New Client?

Stop in for a tour of our facility or give us a call to schedule your dog's FREE "Intro & Mingle" interview which includes a FREE day of Doggie Daycare on interview day.

This place is wonderful, like a fancy hotel for dogs as the name suggests. I have never seen such a beautiful place for dogs to stay and have fun. Highly recommend Wagging Lounge and can't wait until Clyde has another play date.

Wagging Lounge Dog Resort is top notch! They take great care of our fur-babies, past and present. Penny feels very comfortable with them and I know she's in great hands

Patti W.
Penny's Pet Parent


John A.
Sam''s Pet Parent


Janet A.

​Clyde's Pet Parent

Meet Jimmy Kim, Owner & Operator &

Sumi Kim, Co-Owner

What's their story?  WAGGING LOUNGE DOG RESORT was started by co-owners Jimmy & Sumi Kim.  Both head over heels for dogs since childhood, they took up dog-sitting for friends & relatives in 2005.  As workaholics, they hardly traveled and there grew a trend...  one dog became two, two dogs became three, and so on.  Their home became a haven for dogs without homes during Holidays and summers.  With the growing number of inquiries, they had to turn down many requests for lack of space. As word of mouth spread, they unintentionally became a small business for their friends and the local community.  As years passed, they decided to further develop their knowledge of dogs and bring their passion to life. And Voilà! WAGGING LOUNGE DOG RESORT became a reality.

Jimmy Kim has been a proud Howard County resident since kindergarten with a short time away for college.  HoCo is considered "home".  Post college experience includes Chain Store Retail Business Operations for 20+ years with emphasis on management, marketing, and purchasing.  Further education at CATCH Canine Trainers Academy.  Pro Dog Trainers Core Skill: Canine Training & Behavior.  Certified trainer.  Clicker Training emphasis.  OPCLC Certification, Outstanding Pet Care Learning Center.  The Pet Health Academy First Aid & CPR Certified.  Personal dog-sitting service since 2005.  Served as Staff and Volunteer at Small Miracles Cat & Dog Rescue, Ellicott City.

To Our Clients & their Best Friends,

I can't tell you how excited I am to open the doors of WAGGING LOUNGE DOG RESORT to the hometown I grew up in.  I remember all of the opportunities and services given to me as a child & adult here, and I am absolutely thrilled to serve and give back to the community I came to love so much.  Stop in and give the resort a visit to find out what makes us stand out.  I hope to see your pup's wagging tails soon.



Jimmy Kim


Meet ITSY,

Our furry, odd-ball Silky Terrier mix who thinks anything edible is a treat.  Itsy is a rescue from Small Miracles Cat & Dog Rescue.  He knows a handful of commands, but his favorite tricks are "rollover" & "beg" as these always get him the biggest treat rewards.  He loves dolls, but was never a "ball" guy. He's very independent, but loves a cuddle once in a while.  You can always spot his big ears and stubby tail.  Itsy is a huge part of the inspiration that began our journey with WAGGING LOUNGE DOG RESORT.

about Wagging Lounge Dog Resort

meet the wagging lounge owners

Ground Up

The WAGGING LOUNGE DOG RESORT is a Brand New 7200 sq.ft. Facility that has been built from the ground up. Our facility is brand new and custom designed to cater to your furry best friend. We pride ourselves in a design built around function, safety, cleanliness, latest air purification & venting systems, plumbing, dog access & logistics, and much more.  This design allows us to provide convenience, efficiency, and confidence to both our pups and pet parents. Get ready for your furry family member to enjoy even more on our artificially grassed play area consisting of an additional 1200 sq.ft. outdoors (Spring 2017).

Mission Statement

WAGGING LOUNGE DOG RESORT's Mission Statement is to provide a fun, safe, and engaging environment for your dog through service & interaction with a loving, knowledgeable, and highly trained staff.


Your dog is our FIRST PRIORITY.  This includes their health, safety, and well-being. Each dog goes through a "Intro & Mingle" / Temperament test to see if doggie daycare is right for them.  Once they're part of the pack, we pay close attention to each and every dog in our care to make sure their individual needs are met. We understand that every dog is unique and has their own special qualities that sets them apart from one another.

Our staff is passionate and well-trained.  We pride ourselves in providing personalized service and exceptional care to our furry guests.  Take a peek into your dog's day via our Photo-based Facebook Page and get peace of mind that they are enjoying their day romping around with friends, basking in the sun outdoors, splashing in the mini-pool, napping,  being the social butterfly, or burning off energy.

When the day is over, your pooch goes home happy and exhausted.  


WAGGING LOUNGE DOG RESORT is committed to providing exemplary customer service, a safe and sanitary environment for our furry guests, and offer comprehensive dog services.  We are a Full-Service, Premier Dog Resort for our discerning clients.  Above all, our well-trained staff provides Dog Parents with Peace-Of-Mind and aims to improve the quality of life for both dog & parent.​

a fun, exciting, & stimulating atmosphere

In addition to our energetic staff, we provide a facility/resort full of BOTH INDOOR/OUTDOOR stimuli, games, agility equipment, and seasonal fun.

courtesy & professionalism

Our goal is to provide outstanding services to our Guests & Pet Parents without compromising our values.

Love & care for your Dog

It's ALL about your Pooch. Our staff is made up of, you guessed it, dog lovers.  Dogs are our passion.

What to expect: