What is Doggie Daycare?

Doggie Daycare is an environment where dogs are dropped off for the day to play & socialize with other dogs in a fun, safe, clean, and supervised environment.  Doggie Daycare has many benefits:

- Consistent daycare significantly enhances your dog's quality of life.

- Playing and interacting with other dogs & people relieves boredom,   destructive behavior, and separation anxiety issues.

- Socialization improvement among people and other dogs.

- Maintaining a healthy weight through regular exercise.

Is there an initial interview that my dog must complete in order to attend daycare?

Upon arrival on your first visit, there will be some paperwork to be filled out which will help us know more about your pup and ease the transition into the pack.  Paperwork includes a Pet & Parent Application, Service agreement, and Rules & Regulations From which should be completed prior to evaluation day.

Is there a schedule of activities during the day?

Yes. All daily activities and schedules are listed according to times in the Boarding and Dog Daycare sections of our website.

What should I bring when my dog spends the night?
- We recommend that pet owners bring their dog's regular food           when their dog boards with us to ensure diet consistency. This           helps minimize tummy aches and discomfort, and also promotes a   sense of familiarity.  The Resort can also provide in-house meals         for a small additional cost.

- We highly recommend that you provide the usual food, packaged     in individual meals/portions.

- Medication. Bring them in their original bottles/packaging with           original directions.

- Treats. Feel free to supply some of your pup's favorite treats during   their overnight stay.

- All Standard Rooms come with a raised bed and blanket if needed.   A personal blanket from home can be supplied by you, but must       easily fit a 1ftx1ftx1ft bin which is provided for each overnight             visitor. If it doesn't fit, we cannot accept it due to space.

What should I NOT bring?

- Bowls.  We use stainless steel bowls as they are the healthiest,           safest, and most durable. We have plenty of bowls, and they are         cleaned after each meal.

- Beds & Bedding.  Beds and Bedding should be left at home. 

Can someone other than myself drop off or pick up my dog?

Yes, but please contact us prior to arrival to make proper arrangements with check-in paperwork and payment.

My dog has never been boarded before, do you have any tips/suggestions?

The more familiar your dog is with our facility, the better they will do.  Plan on bringing them a few times for Doggie Daycare so they can meet and get familiar with the staff and how we run things.  The better they know the staff, other dogs, and facility, the better they do. The dogs that normally do the best are the regular daycare dogs that come 1-2 times a week.

What are your hours?

Please refer to the Hours of Operation tab for more details.  We are open from Monday thru Friday: 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Saturday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.  Sunday is for BOARDING ONLY. Our Treat Bar and Bath & Spa are open during Daycare hours.  Our facility is closed to the public on Holidays, but fully operating for the boarding/overnight guests that are in our care.  

How do I get my dog shuttled to and from Wagging Lounge Dog Resort?

You can make a reservation via our website (must get an email confirmation number) or you can simply call us and make a reservation for one-way or round trip chauffeur service.  

Can I take a Tour of your facility?

Facility Tours are given between 10am - 11:30am and 2pm - 4pm daily.  No appointment is necessary, but suggested.  There are no tours between 12pm - 2pm to allow pups to rest, recharge, and eat their meals.  All dogs get their personal quiet time.  You can come by anytime during regular business hours for more information at the front desk, however, you may experience a delay or wait time of up to 30 minutes during peak times. During peak times, the staff is busy checking in or checking out guests, as well as moving the guests to specific rooms and suites. 

What happens on EVALUATION Day?
During EVALUATION Day, our Staff introduces themselves to your pup. We start by mingling with them, petting them, touching them, and making sure they are comfortable with us. Following the "People Interactions," we then introduce your pup to one or two dogs to see how they interact with each other. We look for positive interactions, good posture and body language, and a sense of confidence in your pup. As we see or build confidence in your pup, we introduce additional pups and observe/interact with them until a solid pack is formed. Once your pup shows good body language, social skills, and confidence, we transition them into the main pack. Ultimately, our goal is to have your pup enjoy a  great day with the pack. We take caution with dogs that may show anxiety, and we DO NOT accept aggressive dogs for safety of our other guests and staff. Safety, cleanliness, and health are of utmost importance to us at WAGGING LOUNGE DOG RESORT.

Please note that we offer Tours of the Facility (not including times from 12pm to 2pm due to nap/rest time). Tours are also limited or may be unavailable during check-in and check-out times due to high traffic. Feel free to come in for a Tour prior to your pup's Evaluation, or you may get a Tour upon the completion of the Evaluation. We also have a VIRTUAL TOUR of our Facility on our Google Page and Website. Each Room, Play Area, Boarding Area, Outdoor Area, Bath/Spa Area, and Reception can be viewed and rotated. 

Please let us know if there is anything we can address or any question we can answer as you come in for your pup's Evaluation. We rely on your Pet & Parent Application for information, but also have our ears open to your other concerns. Please note that the Evaluation is for your pup only, and the only time we would need with the parent is during the initial Q&A and completion of forms.

How old does my dog have to be to attend Doggie Daycare?

All guests must be 14 weeks or older to join group daycare play. This age group has limited space available.  Puppies must have completed their first 3 sets of vaccinations plus Bordetella and a negative fecal exam before coming to Wagging Lounge Dog Resort.

What Vaccinations are required?

We require a VETERINARIAN Proof of vaccination for Rabies, Distemper (DHPP), Bordetella (Kennel Cough). Bordetella Vaccines are required every 6 months to maximize the protection of all of our guests as this vaccine does not provide protection for a full year.  A 5 day waiting period is required after administration if the Bordetella Vaccine has never been given or has expired. For all other vaccinations, a 24 hour waiting period is required after the first administration of a vaccination or if it has expired.  Flea & Tick Free and under a continuous prevention plan.

What is Bordetella?

Bordetella, also known as canine cough, is a highly contagious airborne virus.  It is analogous to a chest cold in humans.  Although it's not serious, it can lead to more serious infections of the upper respiratory system.  Because it's an airborne virus, it's easily spread amongst dogs, especially if they play together or share toys and water bowls.  Infected dogs may not show symptoms for several days, but they are still shedding the virus.  By vaccinating against Bordetella every 6 months, your dog will be at a lower risk of becoming infected.

Please Note: The Bordetella Vaccine is similar to the human flu vaccine and is not guaranteed to prevent infection, but it does minimize the risks and severity of infection. It's a safe vaccine and has a very low risk of adverse reaction. 

Does my dog need to be spayed or neutered?

All daycare guests must be spayed or neutered, unless under 7 months of age.  Once they are over 7 months of age, they must be spayed or neutered in order to socialize with the other guests in daycare.  

Unaltered males often exhibit more behavior and temperament problems, including aggression towards animals and people, and attempt to escape.  In general, animal welfare organizations and veterinarians agree that spaying and neutering pets is a responsible decision that will not only reduce the over-population of pets, but will benefit the pet in many ways.

How are dogs separated into groups?

We create play groups based on temperament, size, and activity level to ensure all dogs feel safe. Some groups may have a mix of sizes due to the individual dog's temperament.  All guests are constantly supervised and monitored.  Safety of each guest is always our first and foremost concern.

What do you do when a dog misbehaves?

Prevention is key, and our staff is trained to prevent misbehavior. However, when it occurs, Verbal correction and Redirection is the first method of behavior modification at Wagging Lounge Dog Resort.  Spray bottles filled with water are used to get the attention of dogs that do not respond to verbal correction.  If needed, we use the "time-out" method to teach proper manners. Time-Out involves separating the dog from the others for a short period of time.  This is done to teach the dog that poor behavior choices lead to a temporary loss of play privileges.

Are the dogs supervised at all times when they are together?

Your dog will never be unsupervised while in a group.  We will have anywhere from one to four Pack Leaders working at any given time, depending on the day and number of dogs.

Do the dogs ever get time to wind down from all of the activity?

All dogs get their meals and nap quietly in their individual suites/crates from noon until 2pm.  This allows dogs to be well rested and energized for the next afternoon session of playtime. Our experience shows that dogs appreciate this time away from each other to recoup.

Is your Facility climate controlled?  

Yes, we are heated and air conditioned indoors with ceiling fans and the most current air flow system.  Our outdoor area utilizes sun screens, shaded areas, and seasonal water fun.

Do dogs ever fight and get injured?

Our new client evaluation & temperament test help us to distinguish between dogs that are not good candidates for daycare, but accidents and fights can happen in a socialized environment. Minor disagreements resulting from over-excitement/stimulation, sharing resources, changes in social order, and other breakdowns in dog communication are normal and may cause a quarrel. Prevention is key and our staff is trained to recognize and redirect any behavior that could escalate into a harmful situation. Dogs displaying bad behavior will be removed from group play and given a time-out period.  

What happens in case of illness or injury?

There's always a Pet First Aid and CPR certified team member in the facility.  We quickly assess the situation to determine what action to take in case of illness or injury.  Depending on the situation, we will either rush the injured dog to the closest Veterinarian or we will make an effort to transport them to their own Vet in a non-emergency situation.  Pet parents will be notified ASAP.

Can my dog catch something from another guest?

Just like child daycare, it is possible for a dog to pick up a cough, cold or other illness. Most of these illnesses are mild and do not require any veterinary care. However, if there seems to be an illness going around, we will notify you via emailing and post a notification.  We will be as transparent and disclose as much information as possible.

Is Cleanliness and Organization important at your facility?

Absolutely, our facility is equipped with the latest, state of the art ventilation system & air handler to circulate air.  Fresh air enters and stale air exits while air filtration is constantly renewed.  We use dog-safe cleaners and solvents and are environment friendly.  Our staff is constantly cleaning and maintaining a clean environment.

How is my dog fed during mealtime?

All guests are crated for meals, private time, and napping during the hours of noon to 2pm.  This is for their own safety and to ensure that they eat their own food.  This time-frame also allows the food to digest from the stomach into the intestines so it lowers the risk for bloat. 

Do you have a nap time?

Yes, we strongly believe each dog needs their own personal time.  We set aside a time slot of 2 hours for personal space and time.  Dogs get their meal during this time and get a chance to relax, nap, energize, digest, and recharge before playing again.

Should I plan ahead for the Holidays?

We urge our pet parents to plan ahead.  Boarding spaces fill up quickly and many dogs may be turned away due to lack of space. We recommend at least 2-3 week advanced booking.

Can you provide medication for my dog?

Yes, it is included for FREE during your dog's stay.  Make sure your pup's medication is clearly labeled in the original container and dosage instructions are included. Prescription must be current.  

What is a Temperament Evaluation?

Think of it as a "Info & Mingle" session for your dog and our staff and other pup guests.  Your dog is our number one concern. All dogs must go through and pass a Temperament Evaluation which will assess the social behavior of your dog.  On the first day, your dog will be introduced to other dogs one by one and then into groups to observe their behavior.  We are looking for signs of fear or aggression that could result in a safety issue for your dog, other guests, or staff members. Dogs that do not pass the Temperament Evaluation are still welcome to board at Wagging Lounge Dog Resort, but will not be able to join group play. We have other programs that cater to different dogs.  Please ask our staff what other options are available to your pup.

Is Doggie Daycare for every dog?

We strongly believe that there is no such thing as a bad dog or breed, however, not every dog is suited for open play environment. The safety of all our pooches and staff are taken very seriously, so each one must first complete a thorough interview via our "Intro & Mingle" to ensure that they are a good fit for dog daycare.  The dogs who benefit most from daycare are those who are outgoing, playful and need exercise.

Will my dog need to have a Temperament Evaluation if he/she attended another daycare?

Yes.  All new guests must be evaluated to attend Wagging Lounge Dog Resort for the safety of our guests and staff.

Do you take Walk-Ins for overnight stays?

It is highly recommended that our clients make a reservation as overnight spaces are limited.  All boarders must have passed the initial temperament test and have all of the forms submitted prior to any reservation or stay.

How do I make an overnight reservation?

Overnight reservations can be made by calling the resort at (443) 546-3391 or by booking online (confirmation required).

Do I need to make a reservation for Daycare?

Guests do not need to make a reservation for Daycare, but it is highly suggested.

What time are Daycare/Boarding Check-In & Check-Out for guests?

  • Check-In is from 7:00 am (9:00 am Saturdays), but encouraged by 9:30 am for maximum value and playtime.
  • Check-Out is anytime between 7:00 am and 6:30 pm Monday-Friday.  Saturday check-out is 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. 
  • Holiday Check-In/Check-Out varies.

What if I arrive outside of posted hours for check-in and check-out?
Our office hours provide periods of quiet relaxation for our animal guests. Office staff are the only employees who can release a dog to his/her owner and can do so only during office hours. If there is an emergency that requires a late pick-up or early drop-off, please call us during our normal hours of operation to alert our staff. For your convenience, we are open 7 days a week for Boarding drop-off and pick-up.

  • Monday - Saturday: 7:00 am - 6:30 pm
  • Sunday: By appointment ONLY.
  • Guided tours are available Monday - Saturday 10:00 am - Noon and 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm.  No tours are available from Noon - 2:00 pm as our pooches are resting and eating meals.

Should I bring my pet's food?

At Wagging Lounge Dog Resort, our goal is to ensure your pet has a positive, stress free stay with us. As such, we prefer that you bring along your pet’s everyday food. By maintaining your pet’s regular diet and feeding schedule we will be able to provide familiar elements of your pet’s home life. Package each feeding in a plastic ziplock or sealable bag labeled with your pet’s first and last name and feeding instructions. Each feeding should be individually packaged and ready to serve. We have a kitchen fully equipped with a refrigerator, freezer, and microwave for serving specially prepared meals from home.  Wagging Lounge Dog Resort proudly feeds our guests EUKANUBA BRAND dog food.  If you'd prefer us to feed your best friend instead, there is a $2 charge per meal.  

Can I bring my dog's bed and toys when Boarding my dog?

Your dog’s personal items are welcome with a few exceptions. All the items must be machine washable and labeled and must fit a in our 1ftx1ftx1ft bin . We provide plush fleece blankets and a raised bed for each dog. Toys smaller than a tennis ball cannot be accepted. Our staff will take every precaution to ensure all toys and bedding are returned to you, but we cannot be responsible for lost or destroyed items.

Are reservations required to stay at Wagging Lounge Dog Resort?

Reservations are strongly recommended to make sure your pet can stay in the accommodations of your choice. During the summer months and over holidays we book up in advance so we advise our customers to make reservations at least 3-4 weeks in advance during our busy periods. 

Are there any breed restrictions or exclusions at Wagging Lounge?
We believe there are no bad dogs or breeds, however, we take the safety of all our pooches and staff members seriously.  Our interview and "Intro & Mingle" allow us to see if your pup is fit for daycare.

Do you offer any Military, Police, Firefighter, and Seniors?

​We honor and always appreciate our Armed Forces. Thank you for serving our Country. Military receives 10% OFF with a Valid Military ID. Other Discounts and Promotions may not be combined. The greater offer/discount will be given. 

Is Wagging Lounge open on Holidays?

We welcome your pet to stay with us during all major holidays. Call to obtain information on pick-up and drop-off restrictions during some holidays. Our office is closed, however we are always attending to the needs of our boarding guests. You may pick up and drop off during our regular hours, however all pets are charged a full day’s board during holidays. Major holidays include, but are not limited to Memorial Day, Easter, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Cash, Visa/MasterCard, Amex, and Discover.  We do not accept personal checks.

Do you provide an outdoor play area?

Yes, Wagging Lounge provides both indoor and outdoor play areas. We boast an 1150 square feet outdoor, privately fenced, play area for romping and water fun.  We also provide playground & agility equipment, seasonal water fun, and shades to our guests.

Still have more questions?

Just ask? We love what we do and are more than happy to assist you.  Email, call, or simply come visit us and find out why WAGGING LOUNGE DOG RESORT truly is the best environment for your best friend.


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New Client?

Stop in for a tour of our facility or give us a call to schedule your dog's FREE "Intro & Mingle" interview which includes a FREE day of Doggie Daycare.

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