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dog daycare and dog boarding & Grooming IN COLUMBIA​, md

We offer Dog Daycare & Boarding in Columbia! Dog Resort. ​Dog Boarding. Dog Daycare and Boarding. Dog Grooming . 

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During EVALUATION Day, our Staff introduces themselves to your pup. We start by mingling with them, petting them, touching them, and making sure they are comfortable with us. Following the "People Interactions," we then introduce your pup to one or two dogs to see how they interact with each other. We look for positive interactions, good posture and body language, and a sense of confidence in your pup. As we see or build confidence in your pup, we introduce additional pups and observe/interact with them until a solid pack is formed. Once your pup shows good body language, social skills, and confidence, we transition them into the main pack. Ultimately, our goal is to have your pup enjoy a  great day with the pack. We take caution with dogs that may show anxiety, and we DO NOT accept aggressive dogs for safety of our other guests and staff. Safety, cleanliness, and health are of utmost importance to us at WAGGING LOUNGE DOG RESORT.

Please note that we offer Tours of the Facility (not including times from 12pm to 2pm due to nap/rest time). Tours are also limited or may be unavailable during check-in and check-out times due to high traffic. Feel free to come in for a Tour prior to your pup's Evaluation, or you may get a Tour upon the completion of the Evaluation. We also have a VIRTUAL TOUR of our Facility on our Google Page and Website. Each Room, Play Area, Boarding Area, Outdoor Area, Bath/Spa Area, and Reception can be viewed and rotated. 

Please let us know if there is anything we can address or any question we can answer as you come in for your pup's Evaluation. We rely on your Pet & Parent Application for information, but also have our ears open to your other concerns. Please note that the Evaluation is for your pup only, and the only time we would need with the parent is during the initial Q&A and completion of forms.

We're looking forward to meeting your Pup!

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All new pack members must pass the evaluation and "Intro & Mingle" interview prior to joining in Daycare or Overnight Boarding.  Temperament Tests are scheduled by appointment ONLY, Monday - Saturday. Resort Tours are available during the week, except between the hours of noon and 2pm as our guests are eating, napping, and winding down with personal time.


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